Litchfield has announced that it has already signed-off its initial range of enhancements for the all-new Toyota Supra.

Having been one of the first tuners in Europe to gain extensive access to the car, Litchfield has designed, developed and even beta-tested, a range of products ready for the first customer cars to hit the showrooms. Clearly a superb and capable platform in standard trim, the Supra really comes alive with just a little tuning, turning it from a truly engaging sports car into something that might just start to worry several six-figure machines. Indeed, this was part of the car’s original brief in Japan – picking up the baton of the original A80 model as one of the most versatile and receptive canvasses for the tuner’s art.

Litchfield’s package of upgrades offers something for everyone, with each enhancement working beautifully in its own right, allowing for a staged improvement to be made – perfect for both budget and evaluation purposes. Naturally, the parts will all work together as a cohesive whole to elevate the Supra from one of the all-time-great Japanese performance cars, up to another league altogether.

Having had considerable experience with the Supra’s six-pot motor already in its Bavarian stable mate, Litchfield’s initial remap will raise the performance from its stock 335 horses and 365lbft, to well over 420bhp and 440lbft. Considerable gains even when a standard Supra is producing numbers closer to 370bhp and 390lbft on Litchfield’s German Maha dyno when running on full-fat UK Vpower.

Both Milltek and Akrapovic systems have been test fitted – with impressive aural and dynamic results. Cars fitted with a full system and ECU remap can expect serious power. For additional longevity on track, customers can also opt for the uprated oil cooler package, which dramatically lowers temperatures for both engine and gearbox lubricants. The engine performance will also be enhanced by the addition of the Litchfield Charge Cooler Radiator that both adds more fluid to the system and also improves its cooling capability. A heat-shielded induction package completes the picture to ensure the Supra breathes as deeply as it needs to with considerable extra power on tap.

Chassis wise, Litchfield has developed its own strut brace for improved rigidity. Furthermore, new bespoke lowering springs along with coilover solutions from both BILSTEIN and KW are awaiting testing on Litchfield’s demonstrator. Added to this, Litchfield is currently in the final testing phase of its enhanced caster bush. Offering greater self-centring and enhanced steering weight, this is bound to be a popular change for discerning Supra owners.

The final touches are neat and tasteful carbon fibre additions, including front and rear lips and small vent trims. Having 3D scanned the entire car, these parts will fit as per OEM, offering subtle enhancements of the Supra’s wonderful curves, without ruining its proportions. In addition, Litchfield are working on an extra series of cooling ducts that should extract significant heat from the turbocharged engine bay.

As with its world-famous GT-R tuning packages, Litchfield will warrant all tuning work carried out at its Tewkesbury premises, so even customers ticking all the boxes can cruise along (rather quickly) knowing that they haven’t lost the feel-good factor that owning a new Japanese car brings.

Keep an eye on the Litchfield website, blog and social feeds over the next few weeks, if you’re one of the lucky early Supra owners. One thing’s for sure, based on Litchfield’s enviable (and literal) track record with both German and Japanese turbocharged machinery, your car couldn’t be in better hands.

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