There’s a great many things from Nevada designed to expertly drain your wallet. You’ll find most of them have tits or blackjack tables and leave you with nothing but earache when you get home to the missus.

With that in mind, it comes as a welcome surprise that this new air-ride control system from Level Ride is such a decent price – and gives you absolutely everything you could possibly want.

This clever little system monitors both height and pressure, and all the sensors, ECUs and wiring gubbins are included. But it’s the 5.5-inch controller where the magic really happens.

It may look like your average mobile phone, but this LRAS wifi unit enables all the touchscreen functionality you’d expect, and a few mind-blowing add-ons you definitely won’t.

It’s got everything from cloud-based performance data logging, to remote diagnostics from anywhere in the world and, get this, even voice recognition.

That’s something we definitely haven’t seen before. Let’s just hope it recognises our ‘funny’ Brit accents! Going down, sir?

Price £995

For more info see Level Ride Air Management