I remember the days when setting up your suspension involved a load of tinkering with springs and damping knobs, going out testing, more tinkering with spanners and one very pissed off girlfriend because you’ve spent all weekend on the garage floor. It was practically the dark ages! Well, not anymore more people, welcome to the future with this mad bit of kit from chassis gods KW Automotive.

Behold the brand-new KW Dynamic Damping Control Electronic Control coilovers (DDC ECU) and, while that might be a reet mouthful, they’re about the cleverest aftermarket chassis solution the world has ever seen.

KW DDC Coilover Kit

The idea is to give customers electronically adjustable damping rates at the touch of the button just like on high-end Ferraris, Bentleys and Lambos. You get to choose between Comfort, Sport and Sport+ modes and with an add-on module you can do it all, along with fine-tuning those settings, from your very own smart phone. Just how mental is that?

It’s not all either, there’s also the facility save your own preferences, email your settings to your mates and even get setups for various different race tracks.

KW DDC Coilover Kit

The system is currently available for a load of cars in the VAG contingent and there’s plenty more to come. Mind blowing stuff from KW, seriously mind blowing!

Priced from £2200

For more info see KW Automotive