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KW Mk2 Ford Focus RS Coilovers

KW Mk2 Ford Focus RS Coilovers

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 7th December 2012

KW automotive Ford Focus RS Coilovers

KW automotive Ford Mk2 Focus RS Coilovers

Ford’s Mk2 Focus RS is the ultimate hot hatch – huge performance, aggressive styling and a price that doesn’t break the bank.

Producing over 300bhp and 300lb-ft from a 5-cylinder turbocharged engine, it’s also one of the fastest Fords ever produced with a top speed approaching 160mph.

However, with all that power going through the front wheels the handling is seriously compromised in standard trim, and that’s without any additional engine tuning.

Well, worry no more. KW automotive has just announced the Clubsport coilover system for the Mk2 Ford Focus RS and RS500 models.

KW automotive Ford Focus RS Coilovers

Developed specifically for those customers who demand a better handling car for track day driving, KW’s Clubsport has been designed in such a way that allows the car to be used in an everyday manor too – perfect for driving to and from a track.

Featuring adjustable rebound and compression damping, the Clubsport can be setup according to the vehicle load, tire characteristics and weather conditions with ease.

In addition to this, KW offers the Clubsport with adjustable aluminium top mounts allowing the suspension geometry to be fine-tuned even further.

Price £2016

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