VW Beetle lowered

KW automotive has just launched a new range of coilover suspension for the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle models featuring the 55mm suspension strut and independent rear suspension (including the 2.0-TFSI model).

KW has developed four different suspension solutions to suit a wide range of owner needs.

The Street Comfort coilover is the perfect answer for those Beetle owners who wish to lower their car (to improve the overall looks) without make the vehicle’s ride too firm. It also offers the same flexibility as the OEM suspension while improving the handling due to less body roll. What’s more, with adjustable rebound damping you can choose exactly what balance of comfort you require.

VW Beetle lowered

The Variant range of coilovers is specifically tailored to those whose focus is to greatly improve the Beetle’s handling depending on what driving they wish to do. Variant 1 allows the ride height to be adjusted with the dampening pre-set from the factory to give a sporty and comfortable ride.

Variant 2 offers the same benefits as Variant 1, but with the added option of adjustable rebound for those who wish to fine-tune the overall driving characteristics.

While the Variant 3 offers the ultimate suspension solution using state of the art motorsport technology for the road. These feature adjustable ride height, compression and rebound to suit just about any driving condition.

The KW range of coilovers for the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle is available now.

Priced from £970

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