In 30 years’ time we predict that everyone and their dog will be tooling around in 200mph GT-Rs talking about how retro they are, and how they definitely don’t make ’em like they used to. Much like chaps today who bang on about the Quattros and Cosworths of 30 years ago. 

Now is that just a rather tenuous excuse to crowbar yet more luscious carbon into these here products pages? Yeah, OK you got me.

But there’s no denying these super-sexy intakes from Knight Racer are the absolute bollocks. The good news too is that these 76mm
hardpipes also work in the day (Ah, I see what you did there – Initial G), because the foam fi lters are made specially by legendary manufacturer Pipercross.

The tough composite pipes also include MAF brackets, making them even easier for your butler to fit while you’re busy beating off the ladies with a stick.

We’d imagine that’s how GT-R ownership works, right?

Price £474

For more info see Knight Rider