Back when we all started working on Fast Car (the ’00s, not the ’80s, OK?!), we had to take all our pics on 35mm slide film and cut them up by hand. Yes, really!

Nowadays everyone and their dog is a pro snapper, all the media is digital, and you can film moving pictures in glorious high def without the need of Steven Spielberg shouting at you.

It’s cheap too.Kitvision make a sweet range of hardcore HD action cams, with waterproof covers, from just 50 quid.

Their flagship Escape 4KW item here has to be one of the very best out there for the money, and it’s just 150 nicker.

As well as filming in ultra-high def (4K), it includes a built-in 2-inch LCD screen and a 12 megapixel camera. The roadtrip awaits…

Price £150

For more info see Kit Vision