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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 10th September 2018

Clearly what Kicker have done here is taken their knowledge and skill in creating the sort of car audio that makes your nuts clap together like one of those Newton’s Cradle desk-toy thingies, and crammed it all into a selection of three super-hardcore Bluetooth speakers.

These tough new items are totally drop-proof, dirt-proof and waterproof, you can even float ‘em in the pool on holiday, or the in lake when you’re fishing… because, apparently, some people enjoy that sort of thing.

Anyway, what’s really clever here is that you can link two Bullfrogs together for a double bass kick, or fiddle around with an FM tuner and a 5-band graphic EQ, via the free Kicker Connect app. There’s also a built-in power bank to juice up your phone or tablet… er, as long as you take it out of the water first.

Obviously, as the Bullfrog units get bigger, so does the output. But, even the smallest one (the BF100) has a tasty 16-watts of grunt, which is more than enough to get you bass burping like no other Bluetooth speaker on the market. We still hate fishing, but we’d love one of these… and a hot tub to go with it.

From £199

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