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Amp of the Month – Kenwood KAC 9105D Amp

Amp of the Month – Kenwood KAC 9105D Amp

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 9th September 2013

Kenwood KAC 9105D AmpWhen it comes to making your monster sub kick harder than a hacked-off horsey, there’s no substitute for a high quality amplifier with super-low distortion and crazy power figures. The only trouble is, if you’re keeping an eye on the pennies, where do you find such a mythical creature? The audio engineering bods at Kenwood might just have the answer…

As it says in the audiophile bible, nowadays it’s all about Class-D circuits when it comes to single channel amps. Kenwood have taken all this to heart, and that means you can expect some seriously trick electronic wizardry, ensuring as much power as humanly possible is squeezed from the KAC-9105D’s relatively humble dimensions. This little beaut is certainly not shy, boasting a mighty 900-watts RMS (at 2-ohms) – more than enough punch to keep even the mightiest of subs on their toes.

Kenwood has certainly mastered the dark art of cramming huge power into tiny packages over the years, and the KAC-9105D is the culmination of all their hard work. At 30 percent smaller than the previous model, it comes in at around 14×9.5in and sits at just over two inches tall. That means its footprint isn’t much bigger than this very page, which makes it ideal for tight installs that demand belly-rumbling dosages of bass. Micro technology at it’s very best!

Kenwood KAC 9105D Amp

Normally shopping for a top-quality, 1800Watt digital amp is likely to conjure up an eye-watering price tag. The KAC-9105D is something of a bargain though, especially as it comes with all the top quality gubbins you’d expect from one of the world leaders in car audio. Bass boost, gold terminals and a pretty damn hardcore cooling system put this one up there with much more expensive equipment. For that, Kenwood, we salute you!

Price £160

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