Kambr wheels may be one of the newest companies to hit the streets in 2017, but they’ve been properly smashing it when it comes to launching some of the most quirky designs and finishes.

Their latest wheel, the 400R here, has to be one of the coolest yet, and it comes with one undeniable trick up its sleeve. Scientifically speaking, this one’s got all the tasty looks of a directional-forged monoblock, only without the massive kick in the spuds when you hand over your credit card.

I mean, 160 quid for a whole 8.5×18- incher is not to be sniffed at, right?

It also happens to be one of the most useable sizes out there for modern motors. With a set of decent 215/40s and a pair of spacers there’s no end to what can be done for the stretched and stanced look.

Then again, you could choose to keep everything nice and practical for your daily-driver, and wheels like this also come in mighty handy on 4WD motors where staggered widths are not advisable. Shod in big, fat track tyres, they’ll get you plenty of traction on the circuit too.

The really good news is that these will fit them all. Just like all the other Kambr offerings, every wheel is custom machined to spec, so any five-stud PCD between 5×98 and 5×120 is catered for.


As you can imagine, that’s pretty much all of them. Unless you happen drive a something from Stuttgart, in which case you can probably afford a set of adaptors to go with ’em!

Most of all though, we just love the sheer balls of the design. The oblique, bevelled spokes are pretty damn brazen, and because these are so in-your-face most people will probably never realise it’s a cast wheel and, strictly speaking, it’s not actually directional either.

Maybe then, this one’s all about the deception. You can spend a little and look like you’ve shelled out a whole lot more. Normally we don’t like being deceived of course. But in this case, we’ll make an exception.

Priced from £640 (a set)

For more info see Kambr Wheels