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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 19th September 2017

We’ve always said, when it comes to finding the very best hoops to make your ride stand out from the crowd, choice of finish is just as important as design and fitment. The thing with these new 105Rs from KAMBR though, is that they’ve got the lot. Including a couple of unusually nice surprises, too.

For a start, the classic deep dish 5-spoke is spot on for just about any car on the street, and the range of crazy finishes also seems to offer something for everyone. Come to think of it, the candy red, and black/bronze versions, have to be some of the sweetest off-the-shelf finishes we’ve seen for a long, long time. The black hardware on all of them is a bloody nice touch too.

But all that’s just taking these wheels at face value. There’s also some pretty clever engineering gone into these behind the scenes. The emphasis being to get these to fit more cars than ever before.

You see, not only does the flat bolt recess that forms part of design enable these rims to be supplied as ‘blanks’ in a range of offsets, which means they can be machined to just about any PCD. But, although it’s not immediately obvious, there are two different versions of each wheel, with a deep dish for the front and an even deeper dish for the rear.

The idea is that you can achieve that staggered look without having to add an extra inch or two of girth. It’s something that’s particularly useful for offering more choice on the cars where clearance commonly causes issues. And all this from around 125 quid a corner? Nuts!

Priced from £495 (a set)

For more info see KAMBR