JVC KW-DB60 double DINAs the Jackson 5 once sang: JVC, it’s as easy as 1-2-3. And with that famous phrase in mind, cast your eyes over the impressive new KW-DB60 double DIN headunit from JVC built fresh for 2012 with plug and play class in mind. In case you need it, here’s the proof:

Unless you live on the moon, you’ll know it’s 2012 – and that means it’s time for digital radio in your car. Wave goodbye to shifty AM signals crackling through your speakers and welcome, with loving open arms, the era of digital radio in your car – direct from this KW-DB60. The DAB tuner is built-in, giving you instant access to hundreds of awesome stations with premium quality sound. Not too many headunits boast this feature right now, so if you want it, JVC are ahead of the game!

JVC KW DB60 double DIN

JVC’s 2012 range of headunits is looking slicker than ever, and the KW-DB60 is no exception. The push buttons along the bottom of the unit blend into one and look smart, and the screen is big enough to give you all the song/media info you need. Also, not only can you change the background colour to best suit your car’s internal clocks, JVC lets you light the display a different colour to the background illumination – just to be different, like. Take it from us: this thing will look mighty dandy tucked into your dashboard!

You can fine-tune the acoustics of your music from the headunit, including subwoofer level and frequency control, loudness control and three EQ settings. It even comes with a remote control, so you can master this beast from anywhere around your motor. We told you, this thing’s a machine!

JVC KW DB60 double DIN

The KW-DB60 comes with the standard built-in 4×50 watts amp, which is more than capable of powering a good set of speakers in your ride. But if that’s not enough for you audiophiles, this beauty comes with onboard line-outs to drive external amps. These ain’t just any old line-outs either: oh no, these come ready equipped with high-pass and low-pass filters, so your music is guaranteed to be the finest sounding music on the planet. Dench!

As you can see, the KW-DB60 has an AUX-in and USB port ready and waiting, to the right of the unit, meaning you can put your USB stick of music in, or connect your
iPod or iPhone. The handsfree is iPod/iPhone ready, so whilst having two-way control over your Apple product, you can also charge it whilst plugged in too. Bluetooth isn’t built-in as standard on this unit, but an optional add-on of the KS-BTA100 gives full Bluetooth capability, including handsfree and audio streaming.

You can pick one of these rather good-looking units up from JVC themselves, priced at just £249. That’s a shed load of in-car entertainment for your money – one of the cheapest on the market for the tech you’re getting! £249 isn’t a typo either: smash this link into your keyboards and double check the price on the groovy JVC website, or contact your local dealer:

Price £249