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Junk Rejekt

Junk Rejekt

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 3rd January 2013

junk rejekt wheels
Nothing makes our pants fizz quite as much as the arrival of a new UK wheel brand, and although we thought we’d seen it all here at FC even we, the pride of British automotive journalism (sort of – Jules), were a little surprised to see the slogan ‘You won’t want these they’re Junk.’

Well, you lie wheel manufacturing people, you lie because we want these Junk wheels – we want ‘em very much!

If the first of the brand-new range from Junk Wheels, the sickly-sweet Rejekt, is anything to go by you just know we’re not going to be disappointed with what they come up with next.

Not only is the pseudo-old skool styling absolutely spot on, but it’s available in the all-important 4×100 PCD and also in tasty staggered widths, so we can see plenty of sweet German, French and Japanese hatches not to mention a few MX-5s rocking these in 2014. For everyone else hub-adaptor sales will no doubt be going through the roof!

More to the point though, don’t confuse the name with the finish – we’ve got our samples and they’re all top-notch quality, not junk at all.

In fact, we don’t know whether to report the guys under the Trade Descriptions Act for rolling out awesome rims and calling them Junk, or just get over there and kiss ‘em for bringing in some of the freshest hoops we’ve seen for ages!?

Apparently there are more sweet designs to come too – we’ll make sure you see them here first!

Priced from £109 (each)

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