JL-Audio-XD-ampsLast year we showed you theentry-level JX and high-end HD amps from American audio-meisters JL, and now our good friends at Celsus ICE have told us it’s only right and proper that we should show you guys the mid-range XD amps they do as well.

Simply put: if you want big performance potential with a wallet friendly RRP, then you’ve just stumbled across your perfect amp. It’s small, it’s cheeky and it delivers a killer punch when called upon – and right now, you can’t ask for more than that! Check the facts:

The massive performance potential in JL’s XD amps is all thanks to their posh NextD technology. Basically, this allows the amps to achieve efficiencies over 80 percent, which, if you know your stuff, you’ll know is bloody nuts. Amp efficiency is a measure of how much of the power source is usefully applied to the output of the amp. So, NextD gives greater efficiency and puts less strain on the electrical system in your car. That allows JL to proudly boast big performance from a tiny amp. And we have to tell ya, they’re not wrong!


The XD amps boast a unitary-cast alloy chassis, meaning they’re built to last and can get rid of heat quickly. This all helps JL deliver on their promise to you that these XD amps will NEVER shut down
due to thermal overload. That means you get plenty of boom for your precious buck, which we like a helluva lot!

We’ve already told you the XD amps are proper diddy in size. But by how much, we hear you ask? Well, as much as we love a good old game of three card brag. The playing cards aren’t included when you buy the amp: they’re just there to show you how small these things actually are! The 200/2 shown here is marked at just 174x180x52mm – which is nothing short of utterly mental. Safe to say, you can fit this anywhere in your car.

As well as being small, the XD range are good looking beauts too. The externals of the amp are made largely from black plastic, with top-mounted grills for heat dispersion. The branded aluminium cover gives the amp its tough looks, but also covers the terminals on the side for a neat and tidy appearance from above. The cover can be removed too, for easy access to the terminals. So plenty of thought has gone into the design and purpose of the amp. Bang tidy!

The XD range features a good selection of amps that you can choose from to best suit the setup in your ride. As well as the XD200/2 featured here (which won’t take you long to realise is a two-channel, 200-watt number), Celsus ICE and their dealers also have the XD400/4 available, which we’re told is a best-seller, along with the XD500/3 and XD300/1, which are new for 2012.

Take a further ganders and reserve one for your car at Celsus ICE