JL-Audio-JX3604-ampOur friends over at Celsus ICE know their stuff when it comes to car audio. Which is why, when they told us just how good their JL JX360/4 amplifier is, we just had to pass it on to you guys!

According to JL, it’s a great seller for a bloody good reason. Giving you 360 watts of premium audio power, this no messin’ 4-channel amp will provide the perfect platform to get a comprehensive audio system well on the way in your car. Result!

The very latest in digital tech decorates the inside of the JX360/4, starting with leading MOSFET power supply and filters for both low pass and high pass signals (otherwise known as a band filter). The JX360/4 also includes a defeatable 12dB / octave filter for each channel bank, which offers continuously variable cut-off frequency selection from 50-200Hz. This all means your system can amplify a large frequency range, while still delivering clean and crisp sound on output.

The looks of the JX360/4 amp match its no-nonsense attitude to providing clean audio for your car. There is no frilly lights or chrome detailing on the amp, just a crisp aluminium case with wire terminals to the left and hidden manual tweaks to the right. The terminals are simple and even if you’re not clued up on audio, the instructions on the side of the unit mean you can still get the best out of your sounds. We told you this thing is no nonsense!

You can use the JX360/4 by itself to power two speakers plus a subwoofer, or you can switch to two channels by just bridging the wires, as shown on the side of the amp itself. Using all four channels doesn’t compromise on performance either; 90 strong watts are delivered to each of its four channels into 2ohms.JL-Audio-JX3604-amp

Dedicated hi-level inputs are included for the amp, in addition to conventional low-level RCA inputs, making the JX360/4 easy to integrate with a variety of both OEM and aftermarket headunits. To hook up your wires to the amp, this JL unit uses easy-as-pie screw clamps, meaning you’ll be wired up and ready to go in seconds, literally.

We said earlier how popular these JL amps are proving to be, but, as luck would have it, Celsus ICE still have plenty in stock for you at the princely sum of just £229.99. If you don’t fancy the 4-channel amp as shown here, Celsus also stock monoblock versions too. Just hit up JL Audio to search for your nearest dealer, or buy online.