Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 12th February 2018

Here’s an interesting concept, not to mention a world first, from British induction maestros Jenvey Dynamics. In fact, the idea is so sweet and simple, we’re pretty amazed that we’ve never seen anything like this on the market before.

Now as all you tuning nuts will already know, Jenvey are world-renowned for their independent throttle body kits, which have been used to N/A tune many a modern electronic fuel injection motor.

What these items do is exactly the same thing – only they look exactly like old-skool twin carbs. They even have their own built-in fuel rail and hidden injectors. Just how retro chic is that?

With old-skool rides getting even more popular on the scene and EFI engine upgrades becoming all the more common for reliability and performance, you get all the benefits of ITBs here but with a more restrained, period look.

The question also remains – who’s gonna be the first to bang them on a cool, retro-inspired modern car? If that’s you, we certainly wanna see it!

Priced from £240

For more info see Jenvey

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