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Jenvey Ford Zetec Throttle Bodies

Jenvey Ford Zetec Throttle Bodies

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 2nd April 2013

Jenvey Ford Zetec Throttle Bodies

Jenvey Throttle Body Conversion Kit for Ford Zetec – SF Taper throttle body kit

As an alternative to twin ‘DCOE’ style throttle bodies, Jenvey Dynamics are now offering a quad individual throttle body conversion kit for Ford 1.8 and 2.0 Zetec engines.

The package includes four SF48/4.5/1 taper throttle bodies (ITB’s), a Jenvey Dynamics EFI inlet manifold, fuel rail and four 90mm long airhorns.

The kit is ideal for road, track or rally use and is suitable for Zetec based kit cars, race cars, Westfields, Morgans, Ford Mondeos, Fiestas, Escorts and various specials.

Price £1314

For more info see Jenvey