JBL GT-BASSPRO12 Active Bass Enclosure – NOW ONLY £149.99

Want bass the easy way? Well look no further than JBL’s GT-BASSPRO12.

Yep, this awesome JBL Active Bass Enclosure has everything you need. From a booming 12-inch subwoofer, to a built in 150 RMS amp (450W max) and an 8-guage wiring kit its all here.


Also included is a remote (wired) bass controller, vented polepiece and oversized speaker protection bars to keep your bass safe from any sharp objects in your boot.

And it could all be yours for just £149.99! So get your mitts on one before it’s too late!

For more details, tech spec and to get yours check the JBL GT-BASSPRO12 page at Car Audio Security.Car-Audio-Security