Still bloody cold outside innit? And if there’s one thing we hate it has to be shitty, bastard, shitty, shitty cold weather.

Anyway, the point is, all you motoring fans can help keep the chill at bay with this limited run of bargain winter bundles from Japanese car maestros, Japspeed.

As you can see, the set includes one of their super-thick branded premium hoodies, a slice of bobble hat action to keep your noggin toasty and, perhaps best of all, a set of their top-notch mechanics gloves.

We can certainly see those being useful for all you DIY modders at this time of year, eh?

As sweet winter bundles go, you get plenty of quality gear for just 50 nicker here. Like mother always says, “Wrap up warm, my lovelies”.

Price £50

For more info see Japspeed