In PhasePower Drive 5000

Just for you, we’ve gone and had a ganders at this hench Power Drive 5000 by In Phase, a bonkers amp that easily takes the star amplifier title for this month. Here’s why:

Incredibly, this amp delivers a monumental 5700 watts RMS at 1ohm, or 3300 watts at 2ohm! Just to confirm, that’s RMS and not even peak power, and no, we haven’t added an extra zero by mistake. This is the Bugatti of amps my friends, and even better, each Power Drive 5000 comes with its own unique birth certificate, sharing its true and testing RMS power rating – so you know you’re getting seriously big power guaranteed! How cool is that?!

In PhasePower Drive 5000

For over a grand of audio gear, you’d expect the amp to look class, and it does. Slick, clean and uncomplicated, this looks like it means business and keeps all wires neat with side-on terminals. Subsonic filters, an RCA line output and a digital sub level control can also be found here too.

Sure, amps these days are getting smaller and smaller, but you can see this isn’t any ordinary amp. The military-spec tech and sheer power generated by this unit is the very reason for its massive 70cm’s long and 30cm’s wide measurement. You won’t be plonking this in the back of any old car – this is for serious audiophiles only!

In PhasePower Drive 5000

Inside, the amp is packed with the best in digital class technology – including high efficiency power supply, three-way protection circuitry (thermal, short and overload) and oversized capacitors to store more power, all while microprocessors measure your music and adjust the amp as it plays. On top of this, the amp has the ‘Stack It’ feature, which allows you to use two In Phase Power Drive 5000’s to generate outputs in excess of 10,000 watts, otherwise known as 10kw!

This really is the dog’s danglies and makers In Phase highly recommend you get one of their guys to install this for you professionally. Hit up any of your local In Phase dealers via the In Phase website, or if you’re feeling brave, log on to the Car Audio Centre website and get the postman to deliver you one. Good luck!

Price £1299

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