In Phase are doing some top audio gear right now, and this stonking IPX600 is no different.

It’s the nuts, and is only from £60 too, meaning you’ll still have change for that luminous lava lamp you’ve always wanted. Or something. Check out the facts on why you gotta buy this baby!

Yep, if you haven’t guessed it already, the IPX600 is capable of powering 600 of the finest watts to your spanking sound system. It’s a two-channel number, so the little beaut will power a good set of speaker and subs in your ride, though it can be bridged for one channel of audio power. Mad skills!

In Phase have crafted a beaut with the looks of the IPX600. The curved sides are a breath of fresh air over other boxy looking amps, and the wavy cover design is right up our street too. When the amp powers up, the famed In Phase logo illuminates blue to tell you it’s ready to rock, while all ports and terminals are nicely hidden right out of sight. Make no mistake: this thing’s a right looker.


The good stuff continues on the inside people! As well as standard MOSFET digital power supply, the IPX600 has dual layer circuit boards for improved sound quality, and a low resistance from internal parts means you get a smaller but more powerful amp, measuring only 30×25 centimetres long. On top of that, In Phase hand-make these amps and does 35 different checks on them to make sure you’re getting only the best in power delivery. Boomtastic.

Your audio world doesn’t need to stop here: the IPX600 has a line in and line out port so you can run as many In Phase amplifiers as you want for your system using a single RCA cable. The amp also has a subsonic, high pass and low pass filter, so you can adjust the amp to deliver more power to the preferred frequency range you wanna hit. And, as a real sweet extra, all RCA power and speaker terminals are silver plated! Swish!

The IPX range doesn’t stop with the 600. Oh no, In Phase cater for all needs, with 900, 1004, 1200, 1404 and the daddy 2400 models also available for all you audiophiles.

To check out the full range and nab one for yourself, hit up In Phase audio or visit your local dealer.