In Phase IPA1601 Amp

In Phase already have a super rep when it comes to the car audio market, and their IPA range of high powered amps are just one of the reasons why. What makes them so awesomely great though? Well, we had a look at this two channel, 1600-watt beast to let you in on why. If you want one for yourself, give ‘em a ring on 0115 9758600 to find your nearest stockist or hit up Car Audio Centre It comes fully Fast Car approved for greatness, so what are you waiting for?

There are plenty of manual settings on the side of the performance-hungry IPA1601 to help you get the best from your audio setup. The electronic sub-sonic filter for example ensures you won’t waste power on none audible frequencies below 20Hz, while the variable electronic bass boost helps restore the lower frequencies that can be lost in a car environment. Plenty of bang for your buck here then!

the IPA1601 is neatly presented with the manual dials tucked away from sight. The tidy amp also measures just 380x250x55.5mm, so can be homed anywhere in your car as the hub of a healthy audio set-up on your way to accurate audio amplification. Saweeeeet!

In Phase IPA1601 Amp

High end pre-amps make sure sound quality isn’t compromised when amplified and it eliminates distortion in your tunes, ready to handle big power!

Inside, the amp is packed with hard hitting gear including this Low Pass Filter, or LPF, that literally lets low frequencies through for amplification while binning off high frequencies. Low frequencies are what you need to get a sub doing its job while high frequencies will only distort the bass, so this is important kit. Plus this LPF comes with heavy duty In Phase goodness!

These MOSFETs, which are transistors designed to handle big power, are specialised by In Phase to promise high voltage, high current and high quality audio all from inside this wicked little amp.

In case you didn’t know, MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. Most vehicle amps these days use MOSFET technology, which basically offers more stability compared to other FETs. Simples.

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