Here’s how to install the Kenwood KSC-PSW7EQ underseat subwoofer, a great upgrade to your car’s audio. 

There may be plenty of room for subwoofers in most cars, but why take up valuable boot-space when you can keep things neat and shipshape? It seems Kenwood agree, as it’s unveiled its latest out of sight underseat subwoofer, the KSC-PSW7EQ, which, according to its sound scientists, brings new levels of performance and adjustability.

How does the Kenwood underseat subwoofer improve your car’s audio?

With the sub doing the hard work of producing the low frequencies and drastically improving the sound quality by adding deeper bass tones, the car’s other speakers are free to reproduce the higher notes without interference. This makes them clearer and more responsive. As a result, drastically improving the overall quality of the audio.

RRP: $279 buy now / £184.99 buy now.

Is it difficult to install?

No. Kenwood’s technology means the upgrade can be easily installed by a competent DIY enthusiast. The built-in amplifier can take a feed from the existing speaker wiring. As a result, there’s no need to run wires from an amplifier or RCA outputs in the head unit. The unit uses a separate 12v source to power the subwoofer. This switches on automatically when an input is sensed from the speakers or an RCA signal. Check out the video below!

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How big is the Kenwood underseat subwoofer?

Despite its compact size – just 280 x 70 x 200mm – the innovative design allows for a 14-percent larger woofer cone over its predecessor.  As a result, this makes the bass reproduction deeper, whilst Kenwood’s special ‘micro-step’ shape suppresses unwanted movement. Therefore, ensuring accurate bass reproduction. Packed into the compact chassis is a Class D amplifier, which uses switching technology to ensure the unit uses minimum power and creates less heat. As a result, this ensures the subwoofer can run for longer periods, as well as using less energy.

Kenwood underseat subwoofer in position under seat

Can you adjust the subwoofer’s sound?

You can! A wired remote control allows manual adjustment of the volume and frequency of the unit. The owner can select from three types of bass to match various genres of music. ‘Heavy’ provides a deep sound quality with bass tones which peak at a lower frequency. The ‘Tight’ setting has richer, more aggressive bass with a higher frequency. ‘Flat’ provides a basic sound quality which is more suited for general use and speech. That’s a lot of tech in a small box.