Pioneer DEH-X6500DAB
This month’s top headunit is the Pioneer DEH-X6500DAB

Packed with top features and trick new technology it’s hard to believe the bods at Pioneer can punt out this awesome new headunit at such a ridiculously low price. And here’s why its so great:

This new offering may be leaning towards the budget end of the DIN market but the magical styling fairies at Pioneer have made sure they’ve kept it looking distinctly high-end. The LCD display is not only larger than on previous models but it also comes with their thoroughly funky ‘RGB Split Zone Illumination’ meaning you can change the display colours independently from the buttons to match your interior lighting, colour scheme or mood.

Another massive trick up their proverbial sleeve is the new ‘Time Shift’ option. This remarkable manipulation of the space-time continuum is exclusive to Pioneer and means you can now pause and rewind live digital radio. It’s as if you’ve got Sky+ in your motor. You need never miss Grimmy’s dulcet tones again!

Pioneer DEH-X6500DAB

For the last few years Pioneer have, er, pioneered the connectivity revolution and, with the launch of the iPhone 5, they’re not likely to stop anytime soon. Yes, Apple’s latest phone (not to mention the new iPod Nano and iPad Mini) have been on the shelves for all of three minutes and this headunit already offers full functionality straight through the all-new lightning cable. It’ll still work with Apple’s traditional 30-pin port too, so there’ll be no issues with older iWotsits either.

Yes the DEH-X6500DAB has built in DAB+ radio, but what exactly is that? Well DAB, or Digital Audio Broadcasting, is a system where the analog radio signal is digitised, compressed and transmitted using a digital modulation scheme. Basically speaking, the result is a massive choice in radio stations and a signal that’s much more robust with regards to fading and interference. DAB+ broadcasts are like a super audio-quality version of DAB and Pioneer’s built in receiver is ready to pick up both. Top tech for the win!

Pioneer DEH-X6500DAB

MIXTRAX EZ is also one of Pioneer’s top musical innovations. Go on, have a guess what that does! Yep, you can have your tunes mixed with pro DJ effects and even set the illumination to match your beats. Check out what this bonkers system can do on

Price £140

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