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Headunit of the Month – Kenwood DNX5230DAB

Headunit of the Month – Kenwood DNX5230DAB

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 25th November 2013

Kenwood DNN9230DABWhen it comes to getting the very most from your audio system, you just can’t beat whacking in a full on double-DIN headunit. The reason is simple – with twice the size to work with, they generally come with more setup and infotainment features than anything else! Audio maestros Kenwood pride themselves on cramming more gear into their range than just about any other brand on the planet – and it certainly shows with their DNX5230DAB.

As you’d expect from such an audio giant, the build quality and usability of this unit is spot on and bathed in their awesome trademark blue hue. As always, the 6.1in VGA touch screen is the heart of the system and perfectly showcases everything from the selectable GUI wallpapers and DIVX video playback to the ridiculously good built-in Garmin Sat Nav. It’s all in glorious super-high definition too.

Kenwood DNN9230DAB

The sheer numbers of features is substantial, in fact, there simply isn’t enough room on this page to list them all and don’t forget they’re all built in and ready to go – there’s no expensive add-on units necessary here. When it comes to connectivity there’s a top-notch Bluetooth hands free with AD2P music steaming for smart phones (and other compatible devices) an iPod/iPhone direct control, rear USB, front AV-in and even an SD card reader so there’s plenty of options for getting your music pumping. You can even use the slot at the top to insert your shiny metal discs if you’re felling a little nostalgic, lovely!

Yes, it’s a small touch but a massively important one, a partly detachable faceplate is still an unusual addition to any headunit incorporating a big screen, but Kenwood have stuck one in anyway. Considering the possibility that it might get nicked is the most common reason for not upgrading to a multimedia double-DIN, we reckon this simple innovation is one of the best ideas ever.

You want thousands of digital radio stations at the tip of your fingers? You got it. Kenwood’s DAB tuner is regarded as one of the very best on the market and gives a significant improvement in station choice and audio quality over the more old skool AM/FM only units.

Price £899

For more info see Kenwood Electronics