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Head Rest Camera Mount

Head Rest Camera Mount

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 7th August 2014

head rest camera mountBeing the track day hero you are, you’re gonna want to show all your mates your escapades on Facebook right?

Well, we’ve seen a lot of camera mounts in our time but, crafted in lush anodised alloy, this one has to be by far the prettiest.

More to the point though, it provides a proper solid mounting point that, unlike many of the window suckers and grips on the market, won’t get your camera confiscated by track stewards.

Available in a range of colours and seriously well put together (providing you’ve actually got a headrest) it’s a winner.

At the very least you’ll get 250-nicker from You’ve Been Framed if you stuff it into the Armco.

Priced from £120

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