Ground Zero 10-inch Spare Wheel Active sub

Ground Zero 10-inch Spare Wheel Active sub

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th August 2017

Here’s a novel idea from ze Germans – a ‘spare wheel’ woofer. Now we’re guessing that as a spare wheel, this one will be pretty rubbish. It’s the wrong shape for starters. There are no bolt holes either. Still, it’s pretty damn awesome as an all-in-one amp and sub combo.

And it’s designed to sit perfectly in your spare wheel well, usually leaving enough room for a handy can of Tyre Weld too. What’s more you don’t need to cut up your original boot tray because, as you’d expect from anything with a Ground Zero badge, this 10-incher offers plenty of grunt, 150 watts (RMS) to be precise.

Perfect for keeping your audio gear hidden away while simultaneously retaining your boot space for golf clubs, dead bodies and other such urban essentials.

Price £250

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