Griffin Woodtones Headphones

Do you know the reason why they don’t make grand pianos, violins and guitars out of plastic? It’s because they’d sound shit! True story.

Well, that’s the concept behind Griffin’s classy new WoodTones headphones. Yes, according to their highly-trained lug holes, “the built-in acoustics of wood ìimparts warm overtones that accentuate the mid-range, vocals come alive and low frequency bass emerges without distorting harmonics or clarity destroying-echoes.” In English – they sound well-good, like.

They also come with an inline control mic for your phone and a choice between dark walnut, blonde beech and rich sapele. We reckon they have to be some of the most comfortable headphones on the planet – they definitely give us a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Price £75

For more info see Griffin Technology