There are some super-cool things in life. Like when you get a particularly flattering new T-shirt, look in the mirror and think ‘Yeeeassss I look like some sort of Greek god’.

These wheels from Forgeline are like that, but at the rather more extreme end of the scale. We’re talking about walking all the way to the South Pole in a vest, just to cut a hole in the ice and drop your plums into what lies beneath. What you might call, a little fresh.

Available in 20 and 21-inch fitments, the barrels are engineered from high-density carbon fibre, the custom centres are forged aluminium and, just so no one has any reservations about who’s got the biggest credit limit, they have ‘Carbon + Forged’ machined right there into the metal.


Would we sell our own grandmas to get a set? In a heartbeat. But we have a feeling even that wouldn’t get us close to the magic number.

That’s the price of exclusivity, and they don’t get any more exclusive than these two-piece puppies. Absolutely stunning.

Priced from $16k (per set)

For more info including sizes and prices see Forge Line