Forge-VAG-Washer-Reservoir-CapsForge Motorsport VAG Windscreen Washer Reservoir Caps

Sometimes it’s the smallest details that can make a showcar, and knowing that better than most, the CNC artistes at Forge Motorsport have been busy creating the ultimate finishing detail for any VW Group car; a stunning, custom machined Windscreen Washer Reservoir Cap.

Replacing the flimsy and bland factory offering, each cap is machined from a solid aluminium billet and is a direct replacement for the part found on almost every VAG car from the last 20 years or so.

Basically, if your car has a bottle neck with a diameter of between 52 and 54mm, this Forge cap will replace it. Sadly, this excludes the Mk1 and Mk2 Audi TT.

Caps can be ordered either in a smart anodised black finish for those looking to keep things on the ‘downlow’ or indeed, with a flawless polished finish for those that aren’t.

Price £39.95

For  more info see Forge Motorsport