Just because something’s small and pretty simple doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unimportant (unless we’re talking about you Midge – Jules). It’s also true that it’s normally the little things you forget that can really mess up your day.

With that in mind, this little chunk of aerospace-grade billet aluminium from Forge Motorsport could be a genuine life-saver.

Designed specifically for cars with turbo or supercharger conversions (it won’t do any harm on any forced-induction car for that matter), the idea is to stop positive boost-pressure from entering your brake servo and messing up the stop pedal when you most need it.

Tried and tested both on the road and on the track this puppy will withstand up to 43psi of pressure (that’s what’s scientifically known as a ‘fook load of boost’) and will ensure you brakes can always reach their optimum effi ciency. The price of all this safety? Not a lot.

Price  £35

For more info see Forge Motorsport