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Forge Motorsport Low Entry Trolley Jack

Forge Motorsport Low Entry Trolley Jack

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 25th July 2017

As it says in the Bible and probably many other religious texts, no man may lay with his neighbour’s oxen. But thou shalt have his very own trolley jack. We’re not gonna argue with that of course.

But what Moses and chums failed to explain however, is that not all jacks are equal. Not by a long shot. On the bright side though, this new 1.25-tonne alloy item from Forge Motorsport is up there right next to godliness.

It’s not only super-lightweight, making carting it around far less strain on your mortal frame. But it’s also specifically designed as a ‘low entry’ product making it perfect for hiking up slammed modified motors and race cars, without causing damage to the sills.

Praise the lowered we say. And praise your workshop with one of these!

Price £91

For more info see Forge Motorsport