The Focus ST remains one of the most beloved mass market hot hatches available, with the Mk3 proving an especially popular – the turbo diesel variant included.

Keen to continue expanding its range of performance offerings for ST-badged Fords, Forge Motorsport has set to work on the TDCI model, a potent DERV performer and one which has carved itself a prominent position within the modified car community.

Capable as standard it might be, but the TDCI ST isn’t without imperfections, the ‘corrugated’ construction of the OEM intake being but one. This has been shown to inhibit the smooth, even passage of air into the inlet of the Focus, placing a barrier in the way of further tuning work.

Forge’s engineers turned their attention to the problem and came up with a solution, a completely re-designed intake hose with a smooth internal bore for enhanced airflow efficiency.

Performance aside, Forge’s intake hose can also lift the overall appearance of the TDCI’s engine bay, not least as it’s a quality product from a proven performance specialist. The silicone hose can also be specified in a choice of colours (red, blue or black).


Price £76

For more info see Forge Motorsport