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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 2nd November 2017

We all know that, in the motoring world at least, being a meth-head is very much a good thing. Due to methanol’s uncanny ability to raise the octane rating of unleaded fuel (to battle against the dreaded detonation), injection systems have become almost mainstream on turbo applications over the past few years.

With more advanced, and most importantly, safer systems hitting the market, meth is no longer regarded as some sort of witchcraft any more, and DIY users are reaping the benefits.

This spanky new hand-crafted alloy tank from Forge Motorsport is designed to offer an impressive, large-capacity upgrade to the more customary smaller plastic tanks out there.

Complete with a level-sensor hole, a quick-check sight tube and coming in with a whopping 2-litre capacity, it’s not only functional, but it’s also a rather classy-looking trinket you’ll be proud to display in your engine bay.

A proper little touch of class for the tuning world.

Price £164

For more info see Forge Motorsport