Since they hit the road in the late 90s one of the most sought-after tuning mods for the Mk.4 Golf and Bora 1.8T has always been a proper front mount intercooler.

Unfortunately though, most offerings on the market come with the inevitable chopping up of your OEM bumper to get the bugger mounted.

But not with this sweet looking and über top-quality unit from Forge, oh no. The unique design means it can be all bolted on simply and relatively quickly for a drastic improvement in intake temperatures, airflow rates and, ultimately, power.

Another awesome thing about this kit is there’s no mods required to the rest of the car either, because it comes with all the bits and pieces necessary, right down to hoses, a new slam panel and bumper grille inserts.

Yep, they’re unbelievably thorough over at Forge. That’s why they’re widely regarded as the best.

Price £690

For more info see Forge Motorsport