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Ford Focus ST Tarox 330mm Brake Kit

Ford Focus ST Tarox 330mm Brake Kit

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 21st February 2013

Tarox 330 mm Brake Kit Ford Focus ST

Tarox Motorsport 330mm brake kit Ford Focus ST

Despite being a relatively new addition to the tuning scene, Italian braking maestro Tarox has already developed, tested and released a superbly engineered brake kit to harness the horsepower of Ford’s latest incarnation of the Focus ST. And although built to exacting motorsport standards, the kit is also suitable for fast road use.

Each kit is hand-assembled in Tarox’s Italian factory and features some unique design features that set it apart from the competition. Based around the race-proven B32 6 piston billet calipers, the Focus kit utilises two 330mm x 26mm two-piece discs.  Those looking to upgrade to simply breath-taking levels of retardation can also opt for the B33 10-piston caliper.

Ford Focus ST Tarox 330 mm Brake Kit

In either case, the rotor is machined from solid billet steel, making for a disc that will withstand much greater heat cycling without distortion. A precision-machined alloy bell completes the picture, and all components bolt to the existing OEM mounts, integrating perfectly with the factory ABS system.

The kit is supplied with the ‘Corsa’ ultra-high performance pad, which provides more than enough braking force to handle circuit work, yet is totally safe for road driving,  offering an immediate pedal, even at cold temperatures.

Priced from £1979 (For the complete B32 kit inc. all fittings, lines and fluid)

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