OK, so traditionally we haven’t been all that kind to the cycling community. Now don’t get us wrong, we still think they should stop moaning, pay road tax and get the feck out of the way.

But you’ve still got to respect the home-grown talent shown by Mark Cavendish, Bradley Wiggins and… er, well, that’s all the Lycra-lovers we actually know.

Our point is, your average GoPro-recording, two-wheeled road hog doesn’t get an MBE or a Knighthood, right? Or indeed their own set of top notch Bluetooth headphones.

The fact they’ve got Cavendish’s name on them isn’t the only reason we love these limited-edition items from FLI Audio though.

These can also be used for hands-free calling and even work with message dictation or voice command services (including Siri) on compatible Apple and Android smartphones.

Most of all though, these puppies contain hardcore 50mm drivers that have been specifically tuned to deliver extremely loud, but accurate, bass.

Extreme boom boom on your pushbike? Now we really have seen it all!

Price £130

For more info see VIBE Audio