Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 15th December 2017

These chunky 18-inch, matt-finish multi-spokers from American wheel maestros ESM, definitely have a substantial (some may say bloody weighty) look to them.

So you’ll probably be surprised to find out they’re actually pretty damn light. In fact, the entry-level 8.5×18 incher only weighs 23lbs (that’s around 10kg in Roman Catholic). And the absolutely whopping 11×18-inch version tips the scales at a smidge under 12kg.

So there’s no surprises that these are not only designed to look amazing on the street, but they’ll do you plenty of favours on the track too!

The real question then, is how do they keep the weight down, along with the prices? Well, these are their first wheel that takes advantage of the
dark art of flow forming, a process where the barrels are drawn out by rollers under immense heat and pressure.

Seriously. Google it. It really is a thing to behold!

Anyway, with strength and weight comparable to full-on forged wheels, but at cast-wheel money, we can see these absolutely flying off the shelves
in 2018.

They’re not fannying around by simply introducing a couple of fitments either. All the core PCDs are on offer here, and in some tasty staggered sizes too. We’re loving your style ESM!

Priced from £210 (each)

For more info see ESM Wheels