For want of a better phrase from the early noughties, these 16-inchers are allllll about the bling bling! Seriously, ESM describe them as ‘Phat’ on their website and everything… although they’re certainly not wrong.

The truth is that no one does full-on ‘I’m a proper pimp’ chromes quite like our American chums, and these retro-style rims, in all their gold-studded glory, aren’t exactly for the feint-hearted. In fact, these are so over-the-top they make Kayne West look the sort of restrained fellow you’d take to your nan’s house for tea and crumpets.

Available in 4×100 and 5×100 PCDs, along with super low ET20 (8×16-inch) and ET15 (9×16-inch) offsets, it may take some gigantic balls to run such little wheels, but we just can’t help loving that premise. Stunning.

Priced £150 (each)

For more info see ESM Wheels