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Eibach MK5/6 Golf ARBs

Eibach MK5/6 Golf ARBs

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 8th May 2013

Eibach MK5/6 Golf ARBsBeefing up your handling with uprated anti-roll bars has been a modifying staple since, well, pretty much forever.  They’re normally an easy part to upgrade too – unless you happen to be running a Mk5 or 6 Golf.

The problem comes with the standard mounts that need to be cut off and welded back together over the bushes on the new bar – in other words, it’s primo pain in the arse!

But fear not, ever the innovators, Eibach have come up with an ingenious idea, supplying their ARBs complete with integral OEM mounts.

This makes ‘em a strict bolt-on job – no mig welders or stupid goggles necessary. Hats off to a simple but devastatingly effective solution.

Priced from £360

For more info see Eibach