Some serious news to get our bits fizzing, the British masters of stopping power, EBC Brakes, have just lunched THE performance product we’ve all been dying to get our hands on in 2017. Their awesome new range of multi-pot callipers.

Now EBC, as we all know, have been manufacturing direct-fit, performance discs, pads and braided brake lines here in the UK for decades now. And very good their hardware is too. Many, many FC project cars have benefitted from running these puppies over the years.

They also have the biggest list of applications of anyone in the industry. The firm is a braking behemoth and no mistake. Still, while this new selection of callipers has taken a while to develop, the result has definitely upped the game in terms of design and performance. Of course, we’re not quite sure why they named their callipers Apollo, after that bloke in the Rocky films (it’s a Greek god of knowledge you tit – Jules). But the designs are certainly cleverer than anything else you’ll find on the market.

For a start, these make use of the standard pad-shapes, so you’re not limited to buying specialist profiles and compounds.Furthermore every EBC 2-piece disc is fully floating, unlike most other kits where 2-piece bolted discs are the norm (or floating discs are an expensive add-on).

Other top features include staggered piston sizes (to eliminate pad taper), hardware machined from stainless steel so they’ll never, ever rust, and a single retention bolt, so you can change pads in less time than it takes a kettle to boil.

Available in yellow, red, blue and black finishes (which, incidentally, is achieved with hi-tech Teflon Polyester top coat, rather than powdercoat which can fade and crack over time) these form part of the new EBC Balanced Brake Kits. And why are they called that I hear you ask? Well, it’s because they offer not just the big floating disc and Apollo calliper kit for the front axle, but a set of matched pads and braided lines for the rear, to give a totally balanced setup. Genius!

For more info and sizes available see EBC Brakes