This has to be one of our top ideas of the year, not to mention one of our favourite products since, well, ever.

After all, why stop at vinyl wrapping your motor when you can mod all your favourite devices too? Modify everything, that’s our motto!

In fact, now we’ve seen the idea in the flesh, it seems pretty dumb that no one’s thought of it before.

EasySkinz offer a whole load of pre-cut, protective wraps for all the latest phones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and, to be fair, just about everyone else too. You can even customise all the most popular games consoles.

They’ve already got a shed load of classy wraps ready to go for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X too, so they’re clearly not messing about!

There’s a skin for every taste, they’re easy to apply and can be removed without damaging your device in any way. A proper sweet little pocket-money mod.

Priced from £9

For more info see Easy Skinz