Say hello to the the latest carbon hybrid car wheel from Dymag – the BOXSTROM 7Y Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheel.

Named in tribute to Dymag founder Max Boxstrom, the stylish new wheel incorporates all the state-of-the-art design and technical expertise for which the company is renowned.

Dymag has a long tradition of innovation and technology in motorsport having led the way in wheel design and production for both auto and motorbike racing.

The 7Y auto wheel is the latest and most exciting development in Dymag’s long history of innovation – a period that stretches back more than four decades.

Dymag uses CNC machine forged aluminium centrepieces fastened with Titanium fasters to the Dymag BOXSTROM ® carbon barrel to ensure a lightweight, highly-durable state-of-the-art wheel.

Dymag’s expert team also worked closely with the UK National Composites Centre to develop the patented BOXSTROM ®carbon barrel, ensuring load path optimisation and utilising a sacrificial layer to protect the load path, strengthening the structure of the wheel.

Like its stable mate – the 7X, the 7Y is typically 40 per cent lighter than standard cast aluminium wheels and 25 per cent lighter than equivalent OEM forged aluminium wheels tested to similar OEM standards. What’s more, the 7Y has between 30-40 per cent lower moment of inertia than aluminium cast and forged wheels.

All of this ensures the driver is given improved performance on acceleration and braking, but also vastly superior road handling.

Furthermore, the 7Y is approved for road use in the EU, USA, Japan and China.

BOXSTROM® 7Y Carbon Hybrid Auto Wheel is available in sizes: 19 x 8”, 19 x 9”, 20 x 9”, 20 x 9.5”, 20 x 10.5”, 20 x 11”, 20 x 11.5”, 20 x 12”, 21 x 12.5”.

Prices are available upon request.

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