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Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 25th July 2018

It’s been hotter than an Afghan Scorpion’s plums over the past few weeks so, instead of wasting the same amount of cash on a 3-day break in some shit hotel in Benidorm (where it’s actually colder), why not give your turbocharged motor the treat it deserves when it’s working hard in the sun?

Direnza have just added a whole load of new front mount intercooler kits to their range, including both of the Mk7 Golf items you see here.

These oversized, tig-welded beauties offer far better cooling of the intake charge than standard, reducing inlet temperatures to make more power at the same boost level.

With many of the new fitments there’s also a choice between a traditional polished item or a premium ‘Black Edition’ for even better cooling due to the scientific principle of emissivity.

The one which states that dark stuff radiates and disperses thermal radiation more efficiently than lighter stuff. And there was you thinking we never played attention at school, eh?

Priced from £299

For more info see Direnza