Our Jules loves telling us how plenty of the cool kids are switching their weapon of choice to something from the Bavarian Motor Works but, as much as it pains us to say it, the big man may have a point.

The E90 3 Series is a great example, they still look and feel like a modern motor but were actually launched way back in 2004, making the early models 12-years old!

In fact, you can pick up one of these for a little as a couple of grand nowadays and best of all, that means the mods are now coming thick and fast, driving down prices there too.

Just check out this new T304 stainless steel manifold from Direnza for starters. Designed for the E90 320i it maximises the gas flow for instant BHP and torque gains throughout the entire rev range.

It also has a couple of built-in 200CPI sports cats to keep Mr MoT man happy. That means more grunt and it’s 100-percent street legal – you can’t argue with that kind of value for money!

Price £330 (currently £199 if you are quick)

For more info see Direnza