Deatschwerks InjectorsTo avoid detonation (and ultimately leaving bits of your modified engine trailing behind on the
motorway), it’s important to make sure you’re getting your car’s fuelling absolutely spot on.

One of the fundamental principles of tuning is that as the power goes up, so will the need for the correct delivery of juice and, more often than not, that means you’ll be wanting perfectly-matched, uprated injectors.

The guys at DeatschWerks in Oklahoma, USA have lived and breathed the science of fuel delivery for the last decade and, now they’ve teamed up with European distributors Co-ordSport, we can finally get their uber-quality, not to mention highly sought-after, products over here in ol’ Blighty.

Offering a massive range of drop-in units they have mild, to absolutely ballistic solutions for everything from European cruisers and American muscle to, their particular speciality – highly modifed Japanese street screamers.

There’s even a handy Fuel Injector Calculator on their site so you can work out exactly what you’ll need for the power you’re trying to achieve. If you’re looking for the very best in crucial fuelling mods, then look no further.

Priced from £38 each

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