We’ve all had that little drool over the ‘wavy’ brake setups you get on the new RS-badged Audis, and there’s no doubting these have spawned a whole load of super-expensive, OEM+ conversions over the past year or so.

But what if you can get much the same effect without having to shell out the 2-grand plus it takes to bag a set off of ze Germans? That would be something, right?

Well, this premise is exactly what Disc Brakes Australia are offering here; the ability to upgrade to their Wave Form Discs for owners of other VAG models.

Along with a direct-fit options for RS and R8 owners who don’t want their pants pulled down when they need to replace their discs… which, judging by the constant braking most Audis seem to do on the motorway, must be pretty bloody often. Yet another coup from DBA!

Price £POA

For more info see DBA Brakes