DB Audio T-REX12

Ladies and gentlemen, may we re-introduce to you DB Audio, makers of this utterly awesome major bass maker. Good for a stonking 3000 watts of power, the good-looking T-Rex12 subwoofer offers exceptional value for money. As ever, you can find out why with our handy, bite-sized assessment below:

As subs go, this thing looks proper trendy – the Kevlar woven cone on top looks the balls with raised logos chilling in the middle, while underneath it’s just as pretty with a chrome finished bottom plate with etched-in logos for reverse mounting. The push terminals on the side are also chrome plated, and the basket of the woofer is a black powder finished die cast, so it’s as sleek as it looks. This thing’s a right charmer!

DB Audio T-REX12

The T-Rex12 is bursting to the seam with good kit, starting with the Superman of voice coils – it’s 3-inches in size, high-temp resistant and boasts four layers, so, matched with double stacked magnets, means you’re getting exceptional pull which translates nicely into mental bass. Up top, the T-Rex12 boasts a firm Kevlar woven paper cone, and it’s all easy to connect thanks to the simple push terminals that even Nanny Beatrice could muster.

As a cheeky bonus, you can also get the BX12TREX with your sub for only 50 more notes – it’s tailor built for the T-Rex12 and will optimise the bass inside your car while saving you the hassle of having to build your own enclosure. Remember, building boxes is an absolute science and can be silly expensive, so save your wallet and brain power and invest in one of these instead – simple!

Whether you want it boxed or by itself, you just need to feel the power this thing puts out for your own pleasure. The best price for this baby is offered by Car Audio Centre who also offer next day delivery. Buy it, and be happy.