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Dampfhammer Hallstart

Dampfhammer Hallstart

Posted by Glenn Rowswell on 19th June 2017

What we’ve got here is not only a stunning variation on the classic five-spoker, but it’s yet another cast wheel for 2017 from a firm known more for its utterly bat-shit custom forged rims.

Over the past season or two crazy forged Dampfhammer designs like the Zermatt and Fleischwolf have been spotted on a select few show-winners on this side
of the Atlantic. But it’s the European car market in the USA where they have really made their name.

Basically, when these guys drop a new hoop you can forget them making waves. Over there they just prepare for a full-on tsunami!

The awesome-looking Hallstatt though, is all about the firsts. It’s their first off-the-shelf cast rim for starters, but it’s also the first aimed more at offering a usable, almost mass market, size to VAG and Mercedes lovers on both sides of the pond.

The idea is, by keeping down the prices compared to their super-exclusive forged rims, they’ll simultaneously be cutting the dreaded import tax too. Clever, eh? Either way, this one is a guaranteed winner.

Price £TBA

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