There’s nothing run-of-the-mill about this stunning 3-inch stainless system for the latest WRX STI. What we love most here though, is that Cobra Sport haven’t forgotten one of the most important elements about the Scooby – the way it’s supposed to sound.

Sure, just as you’d expect, their new system is lightweight, saving a whole 4kg over the stock setup. The large diameter pipework also offers a significant increase in potential gas flow too.

But, instead of simply concentrating on tuning and chucking everything else out of the window, they’ve specifically developed this one to unleash the trademark Boxer engine roar. It makes sense too – who actually wants a Scooby that doesn’t sound like a Scooby, right?

There’s various configurations available, including resonated, non-resonated and the option of sports cats or decats.

But what’s important here is that this has to be the best thought-out system on the market right now. An epic bit of kit!

Price £1255

For more info see Cobra Sport